ZEG was established in Erbil, North of Iraq as the latest member of the Zagros group.





EPC 132kV GIS Substation in Erbil Governorate


Reconductoring  132kV OHTL DC Erbil Ring Network System in Erbil Governorate


EPC 132kV Underground Cable in Erbil Governorate


Wind Energy Feasibility Study in Erbil, Dohuk and  Sulaimaniyah Governorates


EPC 33kV OH TL DC and 33kV Underground Cable in Sulaimaniyah Governorate






CLIENT : KRG – Ministry of Electricity


PROJECT TITLE: EPC 132kV GIS Substations in ERBIL Governorate


PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  EPC of  four new 132 /33/11 kV GIS Substations in the Erbil Governorate .


SCOPE OF WORK : Provision of Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Supply, Installation including spare parts, storage, delivery to site, testing and commissioning, training and complete handover to MOE.


CONTRACT WORTH : 70,866,081 411.00 ID


STATUS:   Ongoing






CLIENT : KRG – Ministry of Electricity


PROJECT TITLE : Reconductoring  of 132kV OHTL DC Erbil Ring Network System in Erbil Governorate


PROJECT DESCRIPTION : Reconductoring Work


SCOPE OF WORK :  The total length of lines in original contract scope was 72km with additional 3 more, totaling up to 75 km


CONTRACT WORTH :  USD 7,322,132.00





CLIENT : KRG – Ministry of Electricity


PROJECT DESCRIPTION : EPC 132kV Underground Cable in Erbil Governorate using HDD Method


SCOPE OF WORK: Design, manufacture, factory testing deliver, installation, site testing, commissioning and training of MOE personnel for 132 kV Underground Cable using HDD method.


CONTRACT WORTH : 10, 393,843.15 USD

COMPLETION: March 2014



Zagros Group of companies is active in construction, energy, IT, health, aviation and trade. The business lifeof the group began with general contracting and trade companies since 1991.

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Today Zagros is a leading group in the North Iraq business environment and is proud to serve the development of its region.

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