MCI contributes in providing the medical requirements to trade in Kurdistan region & Iraq through its performance in commercial works for supply of  modern medical equipments for hospitals and private health sector in general and other health facilities.



1. Participates in submission of bids for local and international companies.

2. Processing and supplying of medical requirements and equipments legally

 allowed  by governmental and non-governmental organization.

3. Processing of all transactions, confirmation of all contracts necessary to reach its objectives.

4. Performing sales, purchasing, renting and leasing of all movable and immovable properties that was acquired, and to dispose or sold as intended.

5. Dealing with individuals or companies within the scope of their purposes  to provide and supply medical and health services.

6. Design and install medical requirements of all types.

7. Extend services related to setting up of medical companies, mergers, under writing, or any other legal transactions in accordance with the law.




Zagros Group of companies is active in construction, energy, IT, health, aviation and trade. The business lifeof the group began with general contracting and trade companies since 1991.

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Address:Shaklawa Street Erbil – Kurdistan Phone:00 964 66 2242169- 7000 964 66 2245470 - 76

Today Zagros is a leading group in the North Iraq business environment and is proud to serve the development of its region.

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