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The Zagros Group, in its endeavor to bring top European brands into the region, is now the exclusive agent of  Südkabel, a German pioneer manufacturer of XLPE cables now used worldwide.


Südkabel  has been a trusted name in the field of Power Transmission and Distribution, even  at high level temperature. Boasting  of  a century-old tradition of quality products and services  and with the up-to-date production technology to boot.  It is able to supply cables, accessories and cable systems for energy projects; especially for those providing total package solutions.


Südkabel has been a pioneer in its field of expertise and continues to redefine its brand in terms of reliability and product integrity.  Newer  names may come up,  but those who value  product excellence will name Südkabel as a benchmark for choosing cables.

Represented by the Zagros Group

With Zagros as sole agent, There is now a greater avenue for purchaser - supplier relationship, with the advantages of  direct sales and interactions.   This is specially profitable for those construction bidders opting to offer more competitive prices while not compromising total output superiority.  Not until now they have succeeded in penetrating the regional market for supplying the energy sector, and Zagros aims to help meet that goal.  All sale inquiries and quotations will be received and issued  through Zagros as its  sales representative for the area.



Südkabel Cables

Südkabel is the first manufacturer to ever use the polyethylene for insulation, herding the others to employ the same technology to the medium voltage and later the  high voltage cables as well.   XLPE  is equipped with thermo-mechanical characteristics enabling it to withstand high -short circuit temperatures, have more edge than the thermoplastic PE.  XLPE is also more superior in terms of insulation due to better response to thermal ageing.

Cable Accessories

The delivery of a wide range of accessories are the hallmark of a competent supplier" . Südkabel have engineered its cable  accessories in order to complement the cable with exact specifications.  With more than  100 years of experience, our  joint -plug-in terminations  are  results of  technological innovations and continuous product research.  Along with this, we always put in mind the safety of our clients during operations.

Cable Systems

At Sudkabel, we are able to provide you the best solution that you will need  for your project. Our XLPE cables are offered as  medium  and high-voltaged ,  up till 550 kV.  With Cable systems, we offer you complete cable system from planning  to installation  and after -sales support.

 Any Inquiries and Request for Quotations :

Contact Us: info.suedkabel@zagros-group.net

Phone Number:  0750 296 1717 - 0750 296 1818

Email :  Webpage :  www.suedkabel.de  / www.suedkabel.com

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