Zagros Aviation

Zagros Jet has been established since October, 2005 by Zagros Group and has now been licensed as an Air Carrier by Ministry of Transportation – Iraq  on June,2013 to officially perform scheduled and unscheduled flights for passenger and cargo.

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Zagros General Contacting

    Zagros General Contracting has been in the sector since 1991. The company has worked in Governmental projects since the very beginning then began to work for international organizations.

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Zagros Energy Group (ZEG)

    ZEG was established in Erbil, North of Iraq as the latest member of the Zagros group. ZEG gives contracting services and provides materials to oil companies who are investing in the energy sector in Iraq.

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Zagros Technology

    ZAGROS TECHNOLOGY is the leading company in telecommunications, information technology and networking in theregion. For 10 years and going, we have been at the forefront of communications technology...


Zagros Oil

The stage for privilege, investing oil sector…Zagros Oil was established in 2007, as a local investor in potential oil fields in Iraq.Zagros Oil is a pioneer company willing to invest in North Iraq Oil Fields as a local company.



Südkabel - Zagros Group

The Zagros Group, in its endeavor to bring top European brands into the region, is now the exclusive agent of  Sudkabel, a German pioneer manufacturer of XLPE cables now used worldwide.

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Medical Care International (MCI)

MCI was established in May 2006 and is located in Erbil. The aim of MCI is to encourage the private sector for health projects according to the "National Health Program".

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ZSS - Zone Security Systems

ZSS is the youngest but most aggressive member of ZAGROS GROUP that is focused on and committed in providing comprehensive risk management, security, emergency management and preparedness to our ....


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Zagros Group of companies is active in construction, energy, IT, health, aviation and trade. The business lifeof the group began with general contracting and trade companies since 1991.

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Address:Shaklawa Street Erbil – Kurdistan Phone:00 964 66 2242169- 7000 964 66 2245470 - 76

Today Zagros is a leading group in the North Iraq business environment and is proud to serve the development of its region.

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